Camming 101:

Could I be a cam girl? Do I want to? Isn’t it scary? Are the customers mean?

-Eva Nixon

First of all, hi there, I’m Eva! I’m a 34 year-old wife and mother to 6. But I have a secret… 5 years ago I left my photojournalist career for the illustrious amateur porn industry. It wasn’t a hard choice, but it wasn’t one that I saw coming. You see, there were a lot of different circumstances that set my course into action to become a cam girl. I’m sure there are JUST as many reasons why you’re sitting down now and reading this tutorial. You think this might be a temporary solution, or you think there has to be a better way, or you’re crippled by mental or physical illnesses that keep you from maintaining a traditional job, or you just need more money, or, or, or? I’ve heard all the reasons and I’ve experienced most of them myself as well.

I started out in the industry innocently enough. I found myself homeless and desperate for cash, so I started by selling homemade sex tapes on Kik, which opened the door to camming. Once I got the hang of it, I realized I could implement skills I had learned in my vanilla career, to that of the sex industry. After about 8 months of doing this 24/7, I was able to make enough money to move up from my jeep liberty to a studio apartment. I had assumed that once I had a home again, I would quit sex work… Which I did, for about 6 months. I no longer desperately needed the money, but I quickly realized I missed Eva. I missed the game, I missed the attention, and the extra money was hard not to miss too.

Prior to camming myself, I only knew one girl that had done it and she had terrified me with tales of mean clients and how she would cry afterwards from the horribly mean comments.

So the first thing I’m going to say is this, NO ONE deserves to be talked to and put down that way, (with exceptions to kink and roleplay that YOU consent to, of course) but I have to say, that has NOT been my experience. In my experience, the climate of the show is usually dictated by the platform, the group of clients in your room and your own attitude that day. Am I saying I’ve never been told anything rude or nasty? Absolutely not. I’m saying those types of comments have been few and far between. Do I think I’m somehow better than my friend who cammed? No. But I do think I am different, and this is why:

#1) I don’t allow myself to be treated badly and I EXUDE that. If you are disrespectful I will mute, ban or block your ass in a second, this is my party, I’m the host and you’re just lucky to be invited.

#2) I have cammed on almost every site there is and I am here to tell you, some sites just have more assholes and scammers on them. Most don’t, but if you find yourself in a situation where the clients make you dread going “to work,” then for fucks sake FIND A NEW SITE! Don’t “stick it out,” until you’re crying yourself to sleep. There’s a million cam sites and what may work for me, may not work for you, but just because your first site doesn’t feel “right,” doesn’t mean you’ve failed, it likely just means you haven’t found the right cam site for you yet.

Though I haven’t had any horribly negative experiences, it did take me at least 3 years until I found cam sites that I felt comfortable on AND had the traffic AND the customers were nice AND they paid in a timely matter. All of my criteria may not be yours and vice versa, however.

I am here to give you an honest and REAL look at the different camming sites available and to let you know what you’re looking at, if it may be a good fit, and all the criteria you will want to explore in finding a good site, such as site traffic, payouts, commission and the general style and vibe of the site.
I’ve seen the world of amateur porn shift from the seeded underbelly of Craigslist personal ads and apps meant for teens to suddenly becoming a world of strict protocols and even less chance of “quick money.” So, if you’re here for that, I’ll be honest, you should probably get out now. Sure, you can make a little bit from hustling Twitter, Reddit or Snap, but if you want any sense of reliable, sustainable, dependable income, you’re going to have to diversify your income from just active income to active AND passive income. Let’s talk about the difference for a second. (If you’re familiar feel free to skip this part) Ok, let me ask you a question, if you got sick tomorrow, (or a company folds…. *WINK WINK*) how fucked would you be in two weeks? How about even one week? A couple days? If you wouldn’t be in a good place, unfortunately that means that your passive income, is shit. You may be able to hustle it day in and day out and rake in a couple hundred a day even (I did it that way for many years) but if you haven’t built up a clientele base for either A) a subscription site B) a tube site (where you’re paid for your viewshares) C) a clip site with enough backlog of material (100+ videos) that you can dependably rely on selling a certain amount a month from; if you don’t have a safety net in the form of one of these types of sites and you are actively looking to achieve a dependable or at least steady income, I highly recommend you investigate the different types of sites for yourself (not just what you’ve heard) and decide what type is best for you. I’ll talk more about that later, because a new advent to modern camming sites is that almost all of them allow some form of passive income to be made while you’re offline, but that all depends on the site and they are all a little different.


What if you get off on the hustle? Working it, working the camera? What if you just need a lucrative pay period? What if you really do need to make cash quick based off of how hard you work? Well, then I want to talk to you about camming. Much like stripping, camming is a much more personal relationship than selling premade clips, custom content or subscription sites. In some situations, such as selling cam sessions on Snap or Skype, or sometimes in traditional camming sites you’ll get the request for “C2C” (cam to cam) and you get to decide if and for how much you want to do that. Do you have to? No. Will guys pay a lot more for it? Absolutely. So, without a doubt, camming is a very personal job. It also REQUIRES a certain level of confidence, even arrogance to some degree, because they will sense if you lack it and they WILL attack or scam you if you sit there like a timid little wallflower. Do not enter this world if you don’t think you deserve to be paid well for what you are giving these clients. The first person to believe that you deserve this has to be you. If you don’t think you’re desirable or worthy, no one else will either. Do not expect to get into this thinking it will be an ego boost, you’re ego already needs to be boosted! The thing is, most of these people want confident stars. In clips they may want roles played out, more acting in scenes OR they may want a very authentic amateur feel from you. But this isn’t your clips or even your sub site. This is YOU, on a stage for thousands of client’s to ogle over. What I am guaranteeing you is this, when you’re live, they don’t actually care what you look like as much as they want you to ACT and TALK like you know you look and feel good. They don’t want to feel like they’re looking at their self-conscious wife that always complains that she is fat and has a headache, they want the vivacious, confident, radiant woman that they fell for. Be that woman. Above all things, be confident.

Many people ask me, “what do you do?” “What do you talk about?” “WHAT DO I DO WITH MY HANDS?” So I’ll tell you the first thing to remember is that NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, (you can literally do anything YOU want, no one says you even have to be naked, though you’ll make substantially more money if you are!) you’re going to attract the voyeurs. Normally, they won’t talk, they just like to watch. This can be the intimidating part, sitting there, knowing that these people are just staring but not talking; then it can just be irritating, a bunch of lookey loos, but no ones paying.

During these times, I prefer to turn these things into positive things.

#1) I take this time to warm up, I do my makeup, I paint my nails, dance to music and I talk about my day, because lets be real, jumping straight into nakedness and masturbation on live camera is sort of intimidating regardless of how long you’ve been doing this, but especially in the beginning.

#2) All of these “viewers,” even if they aren’t paying, generally help you move up higher in ranks and be featured to other (hopefully paying) customers, the longer you stay on air.

#3) I promise you, if you get popular enough, there comes a time when you yearn for the awkward, dead days. I promise.

Alright, so you’ve decided that you got what it takes and you want to give camming a go. Now what?
In my next section I’m going to talk to you about the different types of cam sites, how they pay out, percentage of commission cuts from your final deposit and what you can start to expect if you put in the time, build up the clientele and stick to a reliable camming schedule.

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